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Chocmeister Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads 369G
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Chocmeister Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads
Chocmeister is a delicious milk chocolatey hazelnut spread made with 25% less sugar than, and double the protein of, the leading brand of chocolate hazelnut spreads. Enjoy Chocmeister on whole grain toast & bagels, with fruit like bananas & strawberries or in your favorite cookie or brownie recipe.
You may have noticed Chocmeister has a new look! We’re very excited to share the new label but please note some orders will still ship with the old packaging as we transition to the new look.

  • Great for snacking, breakfast and baking
  • 25% less sugar*
  • Double the protein*
  • *Per 37g serving: The leading brand of chocolate hazelnut spreads contains 21g sugar and 2g protein; Chocmeister Milk Chocolatey hazelnut spread contains 15g sugar and 4g protein.

Barcode: 8569960060

Chocmeister Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads 369G
chocmeister chocolate hazelnut spreads 369g
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