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GOT7 B-MASS MASS GAINER 6000 Protein 4kg
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GOT7 B-MASS MASS GAINER 6000 Protein 4kg

GOT7 Nutrition B-Mass Weight With the B-Mass Weight Gainer you have found the perfect product for building muscle mass. Especially combat athletes, who often change their weight class, benefit from the concentrated protein and carbohydrate mix. If you want to reach your limits during training and want to achieve a great level of muscle growth through this, you should definitely use this product. Unlike normal protein shakes, our B-Mass Weight Gainer provides a high proportion of carbohydrates, which provide the necessary power during training. In addition, they help amino acids into the muscles to squeeze and support the regeneration. The balanced mixture of fast and slow proteins and carbohydrates in this product makes it versatile. Whether directly after the workout or as a meal in the morning or evening. Due to the high nutrient density, you will experience new successes in combat sports. B-Mass is a powder for the production of a carbohydrate, protein drink. This weight gainer has a qualitative mass build-up, so it is important to follow the recommended consumption recommendation in order to achieve the optimal result.

2 servings per day. Suggested use: 100g (equivalent to 2 tablespoons) B-Mass with 500ml milk shake for 15 seconds in the shaker.

Barcode: 4260353173127

Dimensions: 22.00x32.00x22.00 CM, 4.00 KG

GOT7 B-MASS MASS GAINER 6000 Protein 4kg
got7 b-mass mass gainer 6000 protein 4kg
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