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HELAN-Eye Outlet Filler 15ml
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HELAN-Eye Outlet Filler 15ml

In small doses, thoroughly fills the wrinkles using an entirely natural filling action. A double action formula with surprising results from the first application. On the surface photo-reflective pigments hide the wrinkle while the "tensor effect" relaxes both the face and the signs of facial expression. The result: visible wrinkle filling effect. Om depth Ceramildi, essences and vegetable oils and vitamins all give the skin the nutrition it needs and stimulates the production and reorganization of the collagen fibers, giving an ever more active regeneration. Restructured in this way, the skin appears more compact and tonic, fuller and more supple and the wrinkles visibly subdued.

Made in ITALY.
Om depth Ceramildi, essences and vegetable oils and vitamins.
Highest Quality Ingredients - No Inexpensive Fillers to Increase Profit Lines
Against Animal Testing - Uses Fair Trade Ingredients
Preservative Free
Imported from Genoa Italy - Clinically Tested
Massage around eyes anti wrinkles around the eyes minute With a direct and immediate impact where fill wrinkles andremoves
Suitable for use by special occasions

Barcode: 904026756

Dimensions: 5.00x11.00x5.00 CM, 0.02 KG

HELAN-Eye Outlet Filler 15ml
helan-eye outlet filler 15ml
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