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LAPERVA Drink Lemon 20 sticks

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LAPERVA Drink Lemon 20 sticks

LAPERVA Drink Lemon 20 sticks

A proper drink with diet, 
Rich in vitamin C and moisturizing the body
Delicious taste and attractive shape
LAPERVA Drink smells and tastes exactly like fruit juice. It's also packed with vitamin C like fruit juice.
The package contains 20 bags
It is zero sugar drink, so it will help you maintain your healthy diet
Can be used during exercises
Great Taste
Made in USA

Currently available in the natural lemon flavor

Nutrition Facts    
amount per portion 2 stick 4.5g    
total fats 0g 0%
saturated fat 0g 0%
trans fat 0g 0%
cholesterol 0mg 0%
sodium 0mg 0%
total carbohydrate 4g 1%
polyols 4g  
dietary fiber 0g 0%
total sugars 0g 0%
addesd sugars 0g 0%
protein 0g 0%


The contents of the bag are dissolved in 500 ml of water

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