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Laperva Ideal Coffee 3 in 1
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Laperva Ideal Coffee 3 in 1
Laperva Ideal Coffee 3 in 1
Laperva Ideal Coffee 3 in 1

Ideal Coffee 3 in 1 - 25 Sachets*12 g

This Ideal 3-in-1 Coffee Mix is made from the finest coffee beans, specially brewed for a premium taste, blended with the best quality low fat creamer and sweetened with Stevia. A strong, full-bodied coffee with a truly satisfying rich taste and robust aroma. Although it is low in fat, yet, it has the same great creamy taste.

Features and benefits:

• Low fat creamer.

• Sweetened with Sucrose.

nutrition information  
servings per package: 25 servings size 1 stick: 12g  
energy 56 kcal
protein 0.6g
total fat 2.3g
saturated fat 2.2g
trans fat 0.0g
cholesterol 0.0mg
carbohydrates 8.5g
sugar 1.1g
dietary fibers 0.9g
sodium 17mg

• Instant coffee.
• Low fat creamer.

Dimensions: 7.60x22.50x22.50 CM, 0.30 KG

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