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Laperva Protein Wafer

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Laperva Protein Wafer

it is characterized by the delicious and distinctive taste of chocolate without leaving any aftertaste traces as in some other products

Features :
1 - it contains 15% protein
2 - Gluten free
3 - Aspartame free
4 - doesn't contain added sugar
5 - it contains only 113 calories.
6 - Delicious
7 - it is suitable for people who are following a diet plan and also suitable for athletes.

Laperva is a registered trademark by European Union.

Reg No 015133507

Made in Holland.

Supplement Facts per serving (21.5g) per serving (100g)
Energy 113 Kcal / 475 kj 527 Kcal / 2211 kj
Fat 8.5g 40g
Of which saturated fatty acid 5.2g 24g
Of which mono-unsaturated fatty acid 2.8g 13g
Of which poly-unsaturated fatty acid 0.45g 2.1
Carbohydrates 8.1 37g
Of which sugars 0.88g 4.1g
Of which polyols 6.2g 29g
Pf which starch 1.2g 5.6g
Fibers 0.18g 1.3g
Proteins 3.3g 15g
Salt 0.06g 0.29

Taken as snacks between main meals and suitable for athletes.

Barcode: 5412860344784

Dimensions: 1.20x4.50x11.00 CM, 0.03 KG

Laperva Protein Wafer
laperva protein wafer
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