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Laperva Protein Chips

price: 12 AED
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Laperva Protein Chips

Laperva Chips are neither baked nor fried, they are produced from the highest quality potatoes that are blown with hot air, and for a great taste, a variety of the best ingredients are added.

Features and benefits:
No Artificial colour or flavour.
Source of fibers.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Only 89.5Kcal per 25gm.
Baked without fat, popped with hot air for a healthy product.

Laperva is a registered trademark by European Union. Reg No 015133507

Barcode: 5412860335447

Dimensions: 4.50x22.00x17.50 CM, 0.06 KG

Laperva Protein Chips
laperva protein chips
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