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LAPERVA Triple Mass Gainer
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LAPERVA Triple Mass Gainer


Weight gain
Muscle Growth
Body Fuel

Laperva Triple Mass is the best gainer formula providing over 1316 Calories per servings to help you get bulky muscles within short time, delivers more than 59 grams of high-quality protein per servings, along with the high-calories content. This product is low in sugar because calories come primarily from carbs. This product has over 260 grams of carbohydrates per servings to support fueling of intense workouts and aid in replenishment of glycogen stores – all this with no added sugar. Not only is the taste of this product unique, but it’s also contains 1500mg of added creatine blend. So, it’s the best choice for those who want both a mass gainer and creatine in one product. Fortified with glutamine for the quick healing and restoration of muscles, reducing fatigue and increasing exercise duration. Laperva Triple Mass Gainer is rich in vitamins and minerals and digestion enzymes for easy digestion and fast absorption.

1316 Kcal – 260g Carb – 59g Protein – 5g Glutamine – 19 Vitamin & Minerals

Made In UK.

Supplement Facts Amount Per Servings in water %Daily Value* Amount per servings in 500ml of milk
Calories 1316Kcal * 1685Kcal
Total fat 4.5g 6% 24g
Saturated fat 1.5g 8% 13g
Carbohydrates 260g 91% 292g
Sugars 25g 50% 57g
Fiber 1.6g 6.4% 1.6g
Protein 59g 118% 79g
Vitamin A 5000IU 167% 5630IU
Vitamin C 60mg 67% 60mg
Vitamin D 200IU 25% 447IU
Vitamin E 30IU 180% 33IU
B1 (Thiamine) 4.8mg 400% 5mg
B2 (Riboflavin) 4mg 308% 5mg
Niacin 50mg 313% 51mg
Pantothenic Acid 25mg 500% 27mg
B6 (Pyridoxine) 5mg 294% 5mg
Folic acid 400mcg 100% 431mcg
B12 (Cobalamin) 10mcg 100% 431mcg
Biotin 300mcg 100% 345mcg
Calcium 590mg 59% 1288mg
Iron 8mg 41% 8mg
Phosphorus 430mg 61% 992mg
Magnesium 140mg 33% 202mg
Zinc 15mg 136% 18mg
Sodium 410mg 17% 657mg
Potassium 1560mg 33% 2443mg
Choline 250mg 45% 338mg
Inositol 250mg ** 250mg
PABA 5mg ** 5mg
Laperva Enzymes Blend 150mg ** 150mg
Amylase 50mg ** 50mg
Lactase 50mg ** 50mg
Lactase 50mg ** 50mg
Laperva Mass Blend 6500mg ** 6500mg
L-Glutamine 5000mg ** 5000mg
Creatine Monohydrate 1500mg ** 1500mg

Consult your Physician if you are taking any medicines or if you are consuming for more than 6 months, consuming must be stopped two weeks before surgeries.
Store in cold dry place, below 25c. Exposure to sun light directly or humidity may cause product damage.

Training day: Mix one scoop (175g) of laperva triple mass with 400-500ml of milk or water two times daily between meals and after workout. Blend the mixture 60 to 120 seconds before use.

Off day: Mix one scoop (175g) of Laperva Triple Mass with 400-500ml of milk or water between meals. Blend the mixture 60 to 120 seconds before use. For additional calories: You can add whole milk and other foods such as peanut butter, oatmeal, bananas and other fruits.

Barcode: 5412860346818

Dimensions: 21.00x29.00x21.00 CM, 3.01 KG

LAPERVA Triple Mass Gainer
laperva triple mass gainer
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