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Carmencita Nutmeg Grinder 55g
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Carmencita Nutmeg Grinder 55g

In pieces or ground, Carmencita nutmeg brings a warm, sweet and fresh flavour to meat stews, soups or sauces.

Flavors freshly ground spice with a rich, warm aroma and a spicy and sweet taste.
Ideal for roast dishes, meat pies, béchamel sauce, vegetables and in most egg and cheese dishes. 

Store in a cool, dry place.

Adjust the grinder head to adjust the type of grinding and rotate in both directions to get the necessary amount. Ideal for seasoning on the already finished dish.

Dimensions: 4.30x13.50x4.30 CM, 0.15 KG

Carmencita Nutmeg Grinder 55g
carmencita nutmeg grinder 55g
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