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PHIERO Night Man Perfume Pheromones 10ml
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PHIERO Night Man Perfume Pheromones 10ml

Pheromones perfumes in mini format to seduce everyone, wherever you go!

Phiero Night Man is the pocket-sized pheromone perfume for men and women. Thanks to the convenient roll-on function, you can use the perfume anywhere and anytime. The composition of synthetic pheromones and fresh aromas help you induce sexual seduction in the desired person. In addition, it increases your self-confidence. 24-hour access to pure seduction thanks to the pocket-size.
Phiero Night Man ensures that a signal is issued when the person concerned absorbs the odour. Thanks to this odour the reaction is activated and this creates a confident and safe feeling for the seducer.

Phiero Night Man takes care of:
Greater attraction
Generation of interest and sexual desire at the wanted person
Connection and attraction everywhere and always

In addition:
Increase self-confidence
Contains fresh flavours
Obtain immediate results

Increase your attraction and self-confidence!

Effect of fragrance for 8 to 10 hours.

Effect of fragrance for 8 to 10 hours.

Barcode: 8437012718678

PHIERO Night Man Perfume Pheromones 10ml
phiero night man perfume pheromones 10ml
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