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HELAN Natural Pure Soap 100g
In stock

Price : 47.25 AED (Including vat at 5%)
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HELAN Natural Pure Soap 100g

is a soap made of natural ingredient to fight black heads and acne. It deep cleanses the skin without causing any irritation.

Cleanses face
Irritation free
Made of natural ingredients
Removes black heads and acne
Balances production of sebum
Rinses easily
Makes one feel fresh


Green clay bar.


How to use it: A soft, light, pleasantly scented foam forms when the cloth is passed over moist skin. Rinses easily, leaving the skin feeling fresh. It respects the skin’s structure without compromising its balance or harming its natural defence barriers.

Barcode: 832621010058

Dimensions: 6.00x4.00x9.00 CM, 0.10 KG

HELAN Natural Pure Soap 100g
helan natural pure soap 100g
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