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OptiTect Disposable Mask For Tween and Youth Girls 50 Masks
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Price : 36.75   18 AED (Including vat at 5%)
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OptiTect Disposable Mask For Tween and Youth Girls 50 Masks

3-ply face masks with loops
Non-woven fabric + Composite spray cloth + Spunlace fabric
Suitable for tween/youth
non-woven fabric
composite spray cloth
spunlace fabric
soft comfortable and non-irritating
high-quality polypropylene non-woven fabric, three-layer thickening protection design.
made of low sensitive materials
the melt-blown non-woven fabric material is selected in the three in one centre
the colour is melted and compressed and the filtering effect meets the national standard
applicable scenario
it is suitable for effective filtration of dust and non-oil particles
Valid for 3 years from the date of production

Matters need attention
This product is suitable for the protection of air pollution in civil daily environment
This product does not produce oxygen and cannot be used to prevent toxic gas environment
Children should wear it under the supervision of adults
Please store this product in a clean, hygienic, ventilated and dry environment

Made in China.

If the package and mask are damaged or stained. Please replace the mask
this product is not a medical device product
Avoid the sun - Keep dry - Single use

Please store in a dry and ventilated environment, Storage temperature: 10°c - 40°c, Relative humidity less than %90

Open the mask and stretch it
Cover the nose and mouth. And hang the ear strap on both ears
Fix the clip bar according to its own nose shape with both hands
Adjust the mask and pull it up and down to completely cover the nose and mouth

Barcode: 6902860346455

Dimensions: 10.00x10.00x19.00 CM, 0.20 KG

OptiTect Disposable Mask For Tween and Youth Girls 50 Masks
optitect disposable mask for tween and youth girls…
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