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SWIFT Disposable Protective Mask 50 Suits
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Price : 26 AED (Including vat at 5%)
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SWIFT Disposable Protective Mask 50 Suits

3 layers of protection and effective filtration (Filter harmful substances, bacterial, filtration)
The disposable protective mask adopts three layers of filtered melt-blown cloth, which can effectively filter PM2.5 air particles and protect from bacteria and droplets.

Scope of Applications: suitable for protection against harmful particles such as dust, PM2.5 haze particles, bacteria droplets and so on.
Structure and Composition: the mask is composed of a mask body, a nose clip and 2 belts. The mask body has three layers, the outer layer is light blue nonwovens, his middle layer is melt blown cloth and the inner layer is white nonwovens. The upper part of the mask body is provided with a nose clip made of bendable plastic material, and the mask belts are made of plastic band.

Made in China.

This mask is disposable, it is recommended to replace it after 4 hours of use, please do not reuse it.
Open the seal when using it, forbidden to use it when internal packing damaged.
To ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the mask, please avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands. Wash your hands before wearing the mask each time.

Keep your skin dry.
Take the mask with the white face facing and the nose strip above.
Hang the belts around two ears to adjust si that the force on both ears is uniform.
Resize the mask and spread the mask up and down to completely cover the mouth and nose.
Adjust the nose strip with two hands, smooth the two sides of the mask to make it fit the face if the belts are too long, you can tie knots.

Barcode: 9780351379994

Dimensions: 10.00x10.00x19.00 CM, 0.20 KG

SWIFT Disposable Protective Mask 50 Suits
swift disposable protective mask 50 suits
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