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TANITA Body Fat Mont Um- 070 Scale
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Price : 262.5 AED (Including vat at 5%)
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TANITA Body Fat Mont Um- 070

Product Description
Body Fat Scale-Tanita

Body Fat %
Adult & Children’s Healthy Range Indicator
Total Body Water %
Guest Mode
Weight Only Feature

Body Fat Percentage: 0.1%
Color: Silver
Electrodes: 4
Memories: 4
Power Supply: AA/4 pcs
Size of Display: 27.5mm
Total Body Water Percentage: 0.1%
Weight Capacity: 150kg
Weight Increments: 100g
Weight Only Mode: Yes


Tanita Corporation Japan 
Made in China

It is important to measure BMI and body fat distribution (waist circumference or the ratio abdomen-hip circumferences etc.) to assess the risk of co-morbidities of obesity. Insufficient BMI <18.5 kg / m2 represents a greater risk of other clinical problems.

Data storage:
1. Turn on balance by pressing the SET button.
2. Choose numbers to store your data using the Up or Down button and select the number, press
Button SET Enter the age and press SET, select Gender and pressSET, Enter the length
And press the button SET.
3. Will be issued balance and the screen flashes to give three times to confirm the information and the balance will turn off

Account statements:
1. Press the Up or Down to select the number you need to register and click on SET
Data recorded on the balance successively appear to confirm.
2. Wait for the shows, 0.0 kg and stand on the scale to take the readings.
3. shows the weight first, wait for the advent of 0000 and then she disappeared.
4. appear three liquid ratios of readings sequentially and weight and body fat percentage.
(Percentage of the fat and the rate is displayed on the screen, and when the black rectangular bottom of the screen with it. This means that the percentage shows
Fat gender disproportion and age).
Note: do not get off the balance until the appearance of fat.
Children between 5-12 years: The balance gives weight and body fat percentage readings only.

Develop measurement of visitors:
Fashion tour you can show all results without saving the data and uses that there were customers or anyone who wants
Use it without saving Albyant balance
Just press the button to activate the balance B and then follow the steps above:
Enter the age, sex, size and press after each measurement. (SET)

weighing only
Press the button that weight after two seconds to 3 seconds Sazer 0.0 on the screen and the balance will issue an alert.
When 0.0 appears on the screen can now stand on the scale to gauge your weight.

Barcode: 4904785808928

Dimensions: 35.00x7.00x35.00 CM, 2.60 KG

TANITA Body Fat Mont Um- 070 Scale
tanita body fat mont um- 070 scale
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