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Laperva Sporty Gum
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Laperva Sporty Gum

Laperva Sporty Gum is the revolutionary sports gum with a wonderful cherry flavour that provides the body with energy, focus and alertness as it contains caffeine, ginseng and vitamin B5, making it a unique innovation in the field of nutrition in general and the nutrition of athletes in particular.

Product Features:
The serving contains 15 milligrams of caffeine, known for its effective role in providing the body with energy, activity and alertness, and thus it is considered a healthy alternative to energy drinks for driving and others.
Free of sugar and thus suitable for all groups and diets.
It contains ginseng, known for its ability to strengthen the body and increase the body's resistance to face pressures.
A serving contains 2 milligrams of vitamin B5, which contributes to metabolism and the conversion of food into energy.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Free of gluten, lactose, wheat, dairy, and yeast.
Not genetically modified

Containing 9 Gums in the package ( 8 packages in one box )

Made In Italy.

Barcode: 8002860346269

Dimensions: 7.00x1.00x9.00 CM, 0.03 KG

Laperva Sporty Gum
laperva sporty gum
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