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OptiTect Quinoa Coffee 3in1, 360gm
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Price : 35   26.25 AED (Including vat at 5%)
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OptiTect Quinoa Coffee 3in1, 360gm

Arabica quinoa 3 in 1 revolutionary coffee is the first of its kind in the world with a great taste and a variety of benefits. ‏Quinoa is known to be a full protein superfood with nine essential amino acids, providing ‏a healthy and delicious choice at the same time.

Product Features:
Rich in protein 4.2%
Suitable for vegetarians.
Rich in fiber and multi-grain.
Suitable for a keto diet.
Low sugar and calories.
Lactose-free,cholesterol-free, gluten-free and wheat-free.
Free of trans-fat, yeast, soy and dairy products.
Free of colours and artificial flavours.
The package contains 12 sachets.

Made in Malaysia.

Supplement Facts Amount Per Servings Daily Value %
Calories 135 -
Total Fat 4.5g 5.6%
Saturated fat 3.8g 19%
Trans fat 0g -
Cholesterol 0mg -
Total carbohydrate 18g 6.3%
Total sugars 5.7g -
Added sugars 0g -
Polyols 2.9g -
Dietary fiber 1.3g 4.7%
Protein 1.3g 2.6%
Sodium 17.9mg 0.8%

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Add one sachet to 200 ml of hot water and then stir well to become ready.

Barcode: 9552860346411

Dimensions: 15.00x17.00x7.00 CM, 0.36 KG

OptiTect Quinoa Coffee 3in1, 360gm
optitect quinoa coffee 3in1, 360gm
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