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LAPERVA American Keto Coffee 5 in 1, 30 Sticks
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LAPERVA American Keto Coffee 5 in 1, 30 Sticks

LAPERVA American Keto Coffee is the first of its kind in the world with a unique and revolutionary formula that opens a new horizon in the healthy diet, taking into account the high nutritional value and irresistible taste, and American Keto Coffee offers various and important benefits such as:
Contribute to weight loss and reduce appetite.
Provide the body with energy and vitality and increase endurance.
Rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
Increased focus, attention, learning abilities and memory.
Improve sexual desire in both sexes.
Increase fertility in men.
Reducing menopausal symptoms in women.
= Making it the best choice for men, women, athletes and students.

Product Features:
1- Suitable for keto dieters
because it contains MCT, which are short chains of fats that are considered a super source of energy as they are absorbed quickly as a result of the short carbon chains, it can be used as an immediate source of energy or it can be converted into ketones to feed the brain cells of people who follow the keto diet.
2- Sugar-free and therefore ideal for all diets.
3- It contains maca root extract known for its ability to supply the body with energy and increase endurance. It is a food source very rich in important vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, copper and iron. It also contains many bioactive plant compounds in addition to many important and vital functions such as :
Sex drive increases in both men and women.
Maca can increase sperm production and improve sperm quality, thus improving fertility in men.
Maca can improve menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes and interrupted sleep at night.
Supports mood by reducing depression and anxiety, especially in menopausal women.
Some evidence indicates that maca can improve learning capabilities and support memory.
4- It contains matcha. Matcha contains the nutrients from the whole tea leaf, resulting in more caffeine and antioxidants than green tea and matcha contain a concentrated amount of antioxidants, which may reduce cell damage and prevent chronic diseases. And some studies have shown that matcha can prevent liver damage and reduce the risk of developing liver disease. Also, matcha has been shown to improve attention, memory and reaction speed, and it also contains caffeine and theanine, which improve many brain functions. Some studies that have been conducted have found that the compounds in matcha may inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Some studies also indicate that matcha can reduce many heart disease risk factors. Some studies show that matcha helps increase metabolism and burn fat, both of which may aid in weight loss.
5- Rich in fiber: which makes it effective in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, as the presence of fiber slows down the digestive process and increases the feeling of satiety for a longer period, in addition to its benefits in lowering cholesterol, controlling sugar levels, and improving bowel movement and efficiency.
6- It is sweetened with stevia and thus is friendly to diabetics.

Ingredients: instant black coffee, maca root extract, stevia, medium-ring triglycerides (MCT oil), matcha green tea.

Made in Slovakia.

Supplement Facts Amount per servings Daily Value %
Calories 12 **
Total Fat 0.05g 0.06%
Saturated fat 0g **
Trans fat 0g **
Cholesterol 0mg **
Total Carbohydrate 0.3g 0.1%
Total sugars 0.3g **
Added sugars 0g **
Dietary Fiber 1g 3.6%
Protein 0.2g 0.4%
Sodium 3mg 0.1%
Maca Root 58mg **
MCT 48mg **
Matcha Green Tea 24mg **

Keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

One sachet is added to 250ml of hot water, then stirred well and ready to serve. Milk substitutes can be added as desired.

Barcode: 8582860346136

Dimensions: 13.00x6.00x15.00 CM, 0.10 KG

LAPERVA American Keto Coffee 5 in 1, 30 Sticks
laperva american keto coffee 5 in 1, 30 sticks
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