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Efx Sports Karbolyn Fuel 4lb
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Price : 240 AED (Including vat at 5%)
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Efx Sports Karbolyn Fuel 4lb

• Fast-Absorbing Carb With Complex Carb Sustainability
• Glycogen Loading Fuel Source
• Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Stimulant-Free, Vegan-Friendly
• Invented By EFX Sports Scientist Dr. Jeff Golini
• Informed Sport Certified, Banned-Substance Free
• Enhance Athletic Endurance
• Intensify Muscle Pumps For Bodybuilders
• Maintain High-Intensity Training Levels
• Maximize Strength & Power Output

FOOD-BASED, FAST-ACTING FUEL – Karbolyn is a clinically studied (with peer-reviewed, published research) carbohydrate supplement powder sourced from potato, rice, and corn.
It’s designed for elite athletes looking for a fast, safe, and high-performance way to quickly and easily load muscles with lasting energy and for faster recovery.
“Carb load” with Karbolyn in minutes, not hours before your event or training session!

ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES – Absolutely nothing fuels your monster workouts like Karbolyn!
It enters the bloodstream like a simple sugar, yet it still provides sustained energy without "crashing".
Karbolyn is absorbed faster than dextrose, simple sugar, bread, pasta, rice, and other carbohydrate products sold in the marketplace - simple or complex. Pros worldwide use it for a reason!

POWER, PUMPS, & PEAK PERFORMANCE – Do you want to Outlast, Outmuscle and Outperform anything in your way?
Then stop messing around with overhyped copycat products that would never make it past our lab.
Use Karbolyn Pre/Intra/Post training to maximize and maintain high-intensity training levels, power output, for greater muscle hardness and fullness… and pumps like you’ve never experienced before!

THE REAL SPORTS DRINK – Forget those sugar-filled “sports” drinks that do very little to help fuel your game or workout.
Karbolyn is 100% sugar-free, gluten-free, stimulant-free, and vegan-friendly.
Ever use a carb powder that gels or clumps like cement? Most are shocked at how easily Karbolyn mixes and how delicious it tastes.
The bottom line: Karbolyn ensures you are optimizing your glycogen stores before, during, and after training…without feeling bloated, lethargic, or cramping!

WE MANUFACTURE OUR OWN PRODUCTS – EFX Sports is part of a very small, elite group of brands who actually make their own products.
That’s why we can unquestionably guarantee Karbolyn always meets label claims and is 100% banned-substance free (certified by Informed Sport).
When you use Karbolyn by EFX Sports, you have the purest, most potent carbohydrate product available anywhere!


SUGGESTED USE FOR INDIVIDUALS: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop in a shaker cup with 16 ounces of water and drink 30 minutes before exercise.

BEFORE TRAINING – Drink 1 serving 30 minutes before exercise.
DURING TRAINING – Sip on 1 serving during exercise.
AFTER TRAINING – Drink 1 serving after exercise.

Barcode: 737190002094

Dimensions: 15.00x26.00x15.00 CM, 2.20 KG

Efx Sports Karbolyn Fuel 4lb
efx sports karbolyn fuel 4lb
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