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Dermaglo Collagen Skin Health Drink 60ml
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Dermaglo Collagen Skin Health Drink 60 ml

Benefits at a Glance
HLA (Hyaluronic acid) is a powerful supplement which gives fluid and elasticity to the skin. Naturally found in the body, hyaluronic acid secures moisture and creates fullness. HLA has been used for decades in medicine for the role of skin rejuvenation. HLA is also an effective reliever of joint pain.

Marine Collagen widely used in Japanese cosmeceuticals to substitute naturally lost collagen and stimulate the production of collagen on a continuous basis. Ingesting Marine Collagen through daily doses of DermaGlo Skin Health Drink gives a powerful surge of collagen to the skin’s dermis. This targets the areas which are affected by aging and gives a pump of vibrancy to the appearance of the skin.
Vitamins A, B, D, E and K. Reduce tiredness, fatigue and strengthen hair and nails.
Minerals; Zinc, Magnesium, and
Selenium to support the immune system and protect and boost the appearance of the skin.

Manufactured in Ireland

Food Supplements should be taken as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children under 16. If you are under medical supervision or on medication please consult your doctor before use. Individual results may vary.
Drink your Skin Beautiful. Minimise the appearance of expression lines with DermaGlo Skin Health Drink, the antiaging beauty product which stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, improving its firmness & elasticity.
DermaGlo is a low calories drink that maintains normal hair growth and skin renewal while regulating hormones..and even tastes nice! All with the added benefit of reducing tiredness and fatigue. DermaGlo contains Marine Collagen, HLA, Vitamins and Minerals and natural colors and flavors. Collagen and HLA are vital components of skin structure that decline rapidly with age. They are responsible for the skin’s moisture, elasticity, and youthful radiance.
Supplementation of the skin’s collagen automatically stimulates its production within the skin. The pure marine collagen in DermaGlo is easily absorbed and begins to work immediately. Users report seeing visible results within one month while clinical studies prove increases in skin elasticity, hydration, and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles over 60 to 90 days of supplementation.

Drink one shot of DermaGlo daily in boost your collagen intake. Do not exceed two servings per day.

For best results:
Drink one 60ml bottle per day for a consecutive 4 week period; continue for 8 weeks for longer lasting results. Drink plenty of fluids (6-8 glasses of water a day). Cut down on coffee consumption and get a good night’s sleep. Consume as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Barcode: 53993465

Dimensions: 4.00x10.00x4.00 CM, 0.06 KG

Dermaglo Collagen Skin Health Drink 60ml
dermaglo collagen skin health drink 60ml
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