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Weight Loss Packages

Online subscription with Nutritionist
Special Subscription with Doctor

online subscription with the Nutritionist :


Have a weekly online meeting with the Nutritionist that suits you

have your Nutritional program selected to you by the Nutritionist after each meeting.

choose your products support

get notifications with the customized times of meals.

choose the period for your program.

get the shopping list of the selected program.

send your notes about the selected program to the Nutritionist via a specified communication channel

get status follow up service through a diagram that shows the development of the body status

all services are available in our mobile application at Google Play and Apple Store.




Steps of online subscribe with a specialist :

It is recommended to book an free appointment with the nutrition specialist to get a free consultation about the nature of your body, diet program, the time required to reach your goal and the products which will play a significant and influential role in supporting your diet program .


Select the programs type you want to follow up with a specialist
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