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Natural Factors Diuretic Formula 90 Capsules

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Natural Factors Diuretic Formula 90 Capsules

Effective elimination of excess water retention
Elimination of toxic wastes
Improved urinary flow 

The diuretic formula is a superior combination of standardized herbal extracts that promote urine flow and flush away waste, reducing the puffiness of oedema and gently stimulating the body's cleansing system.

Advanced Info
The Diuretic Formula promotes cleansing and detoxification; helpful for relief of water retention and oedema.The following herbs and plant extracts help relieve unwanted water retention from your body:

Uva Ursi Extract: an effective diuretic that stimulates the kidneys, thereby increasing urine flow.
Dandelion leaf: a gentle diuretic that contains enough potassium to compensate for what is lost during urination.
Juniper Berry Extract: diuretic action is caused by the volatile oils, particularly terpinene-4-on, that increase urine volume.
Cranberry Extract: stimulates urination and helps flush away waste.
Parsley Root Powder: an excellent diuretic, and also prevents salt from being reabsorbed by body tissues.

Supplement Facts Capsule
Bearberry 100 mg
Dandelion 50 mg
Juniper 25 mg
Parsley 100 mg

Contains no artificial preservatives, colour or sweeteners; no corn, dairy, starch, wheat or yeast.

1-2 capsules 3 times daily or as directed by a health practitioner.

Barcode: 68958046303

Dimensions: 5.50x10.00x5.50 CM, 0.10 KG

Natural Factors Diuretic Formula 90 Capsules
natural factors diuretic formula 90 capsules
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