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Laperva Carver Slimming Coffee 2 In 1

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Laperva Carver Slimming Coffee 2 In 1
Laperva Carver Slimming Coffee 2 In 1
Carver Slimming Coffee 2 in 1 (30 sachets *12 g)
Carver 2-in-1 Slimming Coffee mix is based on a new exciting scientific finding that proved the immense health benefits of chlorogenic acids for metabolism and body composition. Made from green coffee beans, Carver plays a key role in weight management.
Features and benefits:
• Rich in Chlorogenic acid that has a thermogenic effect.
• Enhancement of metabolism.
• Stimulation of lipolysis.
• Energy Booster.
• Low calories Naturally
• Suger free, Amazing taste.

Made in Spain

Laperva is a registered trademark by the European Union. Reg No 015133507




Keep in a cool and dry place.
2~3 times daily
For one sachet of 12 g add 150 ml of hot water.


Barcode: 8436000231021

Dimensions: 18.00x21.00x47.50 CM, 0.36 KG

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