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About Us

Dr. Nutrition was founded in 2001, today; we are privileged to connect with thousands of customers every month with exceptional natural products.

With more than 7000 different products, 100 Branches in 9 countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq & Ireland),

With  more than 40 international brands, we work hard to serve our clients with all what they need from the natural products.

1- Natural cosmetics Retailer:

DNP offers Natural range of skin care, Hair care and body care product.

2- Health food store:

DNP Healthy food and natural products Retailer.

DNP has the best and the largest supplements line from the best nutritional brands.

DNP also offer complete line of diet food, organic food, vitamins, sports nutrition and slimming products.

In addition to our vast products range, DNP provides professional advices and information corner.

3- Awareness about diet and healthy lifestyle.

4- Nutritional Consultations.

Dr Nutrition is the largest center for Weight Loss in the Middle East. To achieve its mission, Dr Nutrition adopts state-of-the-art natural means that are effective in burning fat and breaking down lipid deposits as well as reducing and losing belly fats. With such traits, Dr Nutrition has become the leading center for weight loss and obesity prevention. 

Moreover, Dr Nutrition follows a unique approach for fighting obesity, relying on a team of top nutritionists who manage its branches across the Middle East. Each of these dieticians work on designing a customized no-deprivation diet program that helps individuals to change their eating habits and enjoy a lasting state of fitness.  

At Dr Nutrition, we strive to introduce a variety of weight loss programs and diet plans that are customized to suit all categories and ensure meeting the personal needs of each case by its won. As such, our plans include:

- Low-calorie diet

- Low-fat diet

- Low-carbohydrate diet 

As a result, the diet plans that we provide at each of our branches are unique and different from other traditional programs. That is why, at Dr Nutrition, a diet program becomes a way of life!

Furthermore, one of the most important characteristics of Dr Nutrition’s approach is that it succeeded in overcoming the problem of deprivation which has always been a key to sabotaging the efforts of many people trying to get fit and healthy. To this end, Dr Nutrition provides a wide array of diet foods, particularly diet chocolate, in addition to natural products that are effective for burning fats and regulating fluids as well as the top and best fat burners pills.

At Dr Nutrition, we did not forget, as well, those who are diabetic. Specially formulated as diabetics food, we offer a wide variety of foods that are of great help throughout their journey towards fitness. Likewise, much attention is also paid to athletes who will find at Dr Nutrition many products that will help them achieve optimum performance, increase their endurance and build their body. Our athlete products will also provide them with the necessary protein while ensuring the highest quality standards. Such as proteins bars, RTD protein shakes and Sports Nutrition.

Dr Nutrition boosts every human being’s right in good health and well-being. Hence, you need not worry about losing weight or reducing your belly fat. Always remember that with Dr Nutrition, you are not alone… we are there to give you support and guide you on the right path… and be rest assured that success is your ultimate result!       

Our products range include the following categories :

- Weight loss products.

- Natural Cosmetics.

- Skin Care.

- Hair Care.

- Body Care.

- Organic Foods.

- Diet Foods.

- Vitamins.

- Minerals.

- Herbal Supplements.

- Dietary Supplements.

- Amino Acids.

- Anti Oxidants.

- Sports Nutrition.

- Men’s Supplements.

- Women’s Supplements.

- Children’s Supplements.

- Essential Fatty Acids.

- Greens.

- Probiotics.

- Gluten-Free Foods.

- Aroma Oils.

- Slimming devices.

- Homeopathy.

• Customer Oriented Market Driven Sales and Marketing Teams.

• Modern Distribution Center.

• Warehouse Management System.

• Information Technology Use of Leading Edge Technology.

• Human Resources Employees 650 people.

• Well known for its ability to recruit high caliber employee.

* To be the Middle East leading retailer of natural products.

* To provide the best customer service by having highly educated friendly and helpful staff.

* To provide the best selection of high quality products.

* To enhance the health and awareness of communities, families, and individual.

* Encouraging individual responsibility for health care.

Dr Nutrition distribution department as one of the leading distribution companies in the Middle East was established in 2001, DNP today provides high-quality services through modern and trendy distribution centers, as it covers most of the Middle East Countries  (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan , Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan and Iraq.)


- The Main Corporate office of Dr. Nutrition is located in Dubai which is  the best commercial City in the region.

- New and modern distribution centers.

- Sales and marketing teams focused on customer service and the movement of the market.

- Dr. Nutrition has  a special system for warehouse management.

- Dr. Nutrition uses of the latest IT technologies .

- Dr. Nutrition has 750 Employees.

- Dr. Nutrition own 90 Health Food Stores which support the distribution department.


Distribution Channels:


Beauty centers ,Wellness & Spa Facilities

Sports Clubs and Slimming Centers

Herbal Shops

Health Food Stores





Selective Market

Stories and Certificates
He lost from his weight: 71 KG. His Weight before: 175 KG, His Weight After: 104 KG.
Ahmed Salim Hamad Al-Khadury

He was following up in Dr. Nutrition Al Mawaleh branch, Oman - He is working as a Communications Engineer at Omani Holding Telecom Company.

He lost from his weight: 46 KG. His Weight before: 147 KG, His Weight After: 101 KG.
Anwar Alberdena

He was following up in Dr. Nutrition in Mecca branch, Saudi Arabia - He is working in Abdul Latif Jameel Company - Customer Service Department.

He lost from his weight: 36 KG. His Weight before: 126 KG, His Weight After: 90 KG.
Khaled Khalif Al-Mutairi

He was following up in Dr. Nutrition Medina branch, Saudi Arabia - Student at secondary Marez school


He lost from his weight: 28 KG. His Weight before: 128 KG, His Weight After: 100 KG.
Saleh Mohammed Al-Otaibi

He was following up in Dr. Nutrition, Riyadh branch, Saudi Arabia.