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How to lose weight

Dr Nutrition Diet Program:

Welcome to Dr. Nutrition, the largest nutrition center providing the innovative weight loss solutions with a hundred branches around the world.

Dr. Nutrition program, supported by its qualified nutritionists and exceptional products, helped thousands of customers across the world to achieve and maintain their ideal weight.

Dr. Nutrition program has proven weight loss results, ranging from 4 to 10 Kg (8.8 to 22 pounds) per month.

Dr. Nutrition approach for treating obesity and achieving the ideal weight: 

  • Conducting tests using the latest innovative devices to analyze body components and define the level of fats, fluids, muscle mass, metabolic rate, high fat deposit areas and the ideal healthy weight.
  • Design a customized no-deprivation diet program.
  • Describe natural products that help suppress the appetite, burn fats and reshape the body in a perfect and safe way. Such products may include slimming coffee, slimming tea, slimming capsules, slimming suit and slimming cream, just to mention a few. They combine a mix of Laperva and Dr. Nutrition products which have been made in Europe and USA. 
  • Enrich the diet program with diet products without depriving the dieter from delicious foods, such as: diet chocolates, diet chips, diet drinks, and diet toast, among others. 
  • An elite team of nutritionists regularly follow-up with the client on weekly basis. During such follow-ups tests will be done and the diet program will be customized based on the results.
  • Sustaining the ideal weight through nutritional systems that are designed for this purpose.

Many factors play role in making these programs a success, including:

  • Flexible solutions aligned with customer’s needs.
  • Balanced nutritional formula where Dr. Nutrition’s programs and advices are the first step towards a natural, balanced and sustainable weight loss programs. Each of these programs consists of three main meals in addition to easy-to-make light snacks that contain balanced ingredients of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and fibers; all with calories that meet the requirement of each customer coupled with continuous care and follow-up.
  • Safe, convenient and easy to follow.
  • Excellent weight loss results within the scheduled timeframe. 

It is a safe, convenient, easy to follow and nutritionally balanced program that leads to exceptional weight loss results within the desired timeframe. On top of that, our experienced well-qualified nutritionists will strive to encourage you to achieve your target weight and maintain it.  

Is treatment in Medical Nutrition Doctor Centre made naturally ?
Is treatment in Medical Nutrition Doctor Centre made naturally ?

Our treatment depends on the most up-to-date natural systems to decrease the weight, and on the most recent scientific researches in the field of therapeutic nutrition and under supervision of elite of specialists of nutrition.

How to examine the degree of obesity and assure percentage of fats ?
How to examine the degree of obesity and assure percentage of fats ?

Due to the big development in medical equipment, fortunately now we can measure the percentage of fats, muscles and liquids very accurately, facilitating the treatment process, through the most up-to-date sensitive medical equipment.   Further, it may measure the actual ideal weight as per the body formation related to each person.

Is regime program severe ?
Is regime program severe ?

There are many types of programs, where there are fairly severe programs, and there are easy programs as per desire and determination of person... The nutrition specialist chooses the suitable program as per each case, and according to desire of customer. Some customers need to have a quick decrease of weight for some necessities, as they may have special occasions or pathogenic cases requiring immediate decrease of weight or training courses, so they must be subject to programs that may have some difficulty, especially in the first two weeks of treatment, and then gradually.In such a case, decrease of weight may be average from 6 to 12 kgs.  On the other hand, there are extremely easy programs to the persons with weak determination, and as per rule "Something is better than nothing". Decrease of 4 kgs per month is better than no decrease at all.

Do flabbinesses occur after decrease of weight ?
Do flabbinesses occur after decrease of weight ?

Usually, decrease of weight and melting of fats process starts, and then followed by treatment of flabbinesses resulted from quick decrease in weight. But now it may mix up the two processes in one time...Usually, the program is rich with food supplementary and proteins that lessen the flabbinesses. However, in some cases there may be special creams, the most preferable of which is the Italian Firm & Tightly Cream to treat the flabbinesses. In some cases, it is required to practice walking or participate in physical fitness and massage clubs. Now, the problem of control of the flabbinesses is relatively easy if compared to decrease of weight process, because there are modern equipment able to lessen the flabbinesses properly.