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LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym

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LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym
LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym
LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym
LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym
LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym
LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym
LAPERVA Total Flex - Home Gym
LAPERVA - Total Flex® - Home Gym
Comfortable training exercises for everyone ,Total Flex® helps you to sculpt all the major muscle groups in your body for the toned body you've always wanted! Plus, changing from one exercise to another is lightning fast, keeping your heart rate elevated so you'll get a cardio workout at the same time - even while you watch TV!
Whatever your fitness level, from beginner to advanced, Total Flex® has a workout that’s designed for you. Adjusting the resistance is as simple as engaging a different band, or hook on all three to push it to the max! Plus with its comfort padded head rest, seat, and comfort grip handles, Total Flex® always puts you in a safe, comfortable position.
The Total Flex® is delivered almost fully assembled. Simply attach the 2nd resistance pod and it's ready to use. Just pop in Kim's DVD, select one of the six workout programs that's right for you and follow along. It's that simple! And when you’re done, it folds up smaller than a suitcase for easy storage.
Just squeeze the locking pins to change the seat position: it’s a flat bench…build a strong chest and back. It’s an incline bench…target and define abs. It’s a lower body workout machine …target, tighten and tone hips, buns and thighs. Your options are endless.
This product has been tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 957-1, class H – home use only. THE MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY OF THE TOTAL FLEX ™ machine is 300 LBS (136 kg). Persons whose body weight exceeds this limit should NOT use this machine.
™ Tips and Suggestions
1. Decide on the most convenient time to exercise and stick to it, exercising must become a routine.
2. It might take 1 or 2 workout sessions to become familiar with the Total Flex™ settings and adjustments.
3. Try to exercise 3 to 5 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes a session. Alternatively, the session can be as long or as short as time and motivation allow.
4. Allow for at least 1 day’s rest per week to allow the body to recover.
5. Drink adequate fluids before, during and after exercising.
6. Keeping a daily balanced diet keeps your body properly fueled and ready for exercising.
7. To stay motivated, we recommend, that you: a. Change exercise programs from time to time.
b. Alternate your exercise program with cardiovascular training, such as walking, running, cycling or swimming, to increase the effectiveness of your training.
8. Before starting to exercise, it is important to stretch in order to warm up your muscles and prevent injury. The Total Flex ™ Exercise Chart has a stretching program that you should follow before starting to exercise.
9. When you exercise, breathe deeply and rhythmically. Do not hold your breath while, as doing so raises your blood pressure.
10. Do not go too fast. Perform the exercises with proper form at the rate of approximately 2 seconds per repetition.
WARNING: Please consult with your doctor before you start using this equipment. Your doctor should help you ascertain your target heart rate, as
determined by your age and physical fitness. Certain training programs and types of exercise equipment may not be suitable for everyone.
This is particularly important for those individuals over 35, pregnant women and individuals with existing health problems or problems with balance. If you take medication which affects your heart rate, you must seek medical advice from your doctor before starting your exercise program with this machine.

Dimensions: 50.00x26.50x16.50 CM, 23.00 KG

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